Time to stop pretending I work better at a desk and just bring a POÄNG to the office.

The night mode feature on the iPhone 11 Pro is seriously impressive. This is a shot of Hawkins Hall taken tonight: Hawkins Hall with iPhone 11 Pro Compare to this one I took with an iPhone XS earlier this year: Hawkins Hall with iPhone XS

My American Revolution course now has a core of committed students. We took a field trip yesterday downtown to the Battle of Plattsburgh commemoration. They’ll write blog posts this weekend and Tuesday we’ll discuss. I suspect the surgeon’s demonstration will be a popular topic.

Amazon’s algorithm now has all it needs to predict my behavior going forward.

Poke-o-Moonshine, Chesterfield, NY. Peanut and I had the mountain to ourselves this morning.

In the space of two days I’ve gone from “potential threat” to “kitty jungle gym.”

With Kohli, Sharma, and Rahul all back in the pavilion, India’s middle order is under pressure in a way it hasn’t been all tournament. 🏏

Last week I bemoaned England’s lack of specialized players. Happy to see Bairstow and Roy proving me wrong when it comes to opening batsmen 🏏

Last month we adopted Mimi after a friend and colleague suddenly passed away. She’s still very shy; this is her favorite observation post.

I know it’s just the song they play during breaks, but I like to imagine that “Sweet Child O’ Mine” really is Babar Azam’s walkout music. 🏏

Up early for England - Australia. Though West Indies became my team, it was listening to BBC Test Match Special coverage of the 2005 Ashes that pulled me into cricket, and I’ll always have a soft spot for England because of it. 🏏

Gritty, as reinterpreted by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania reference librarians

Forthcoming books: happy to see my colleague Jessamyn Neuhaus's Geeky Pedagogy: A Guide for Intellectuals, Introverts and Nerds Who Want to Be Effective Teachers featured in Inside Higher Ed this week.

Near the top of any list of small pleasures in life must be to wake up early, brew a big pot of coffee, and settle in for the morning to watch West Indies - Pakistan at the World Cup. ☕️🏏

My father, who turns 82 this year, has finally discovered his true calling: Internet troll.

Back about 2010 I discovered the Premier League and fell hard for Arsenal. My father this year decided to pick his own team. He chose Spurs.

Chat, after the Europa League final

Earlier @schuth linked to a 1992 interview with Wallace Stegner. The whole piece is great, but one particular exchange is prescient:

Q: Let’s move the discussion to politics. What about Ross Perot? In some ways, he fits into the portrait you have painted–a picture you say we are to avoid–of someone who sees the world in terms of opportunities for enterprise.

A: Yes, he scares me because of that entrepreneurial, competitive drive of his. If by any freakish chance he should be elected, I’d bet he would be impeached within two years. He seems the kind of person who is going to be an outrage to every democratic principle, because all of his principles are about business. I think he is a very shrewd manipulator, and he has enough of the populist feel to him to scare me even more. Many demagogues have a populist feel of that kind.

A dear friend and colleague passed away this week. Four of us descended on her house to make sure her pets had new homes. Mimi, here’s hoping we can provide as good a home for you as Becky did.