November 5, 2019: our 14th wedding anniversary, and my last day of chemo. We’ll celebrate them both this weekend, but for now it’s time to catch up on sleep.

A Love Note to the Plattsburgh Ball Machine

As a child I spent hours in front of the similar sculpture at the Boston Museum of Science. I can still lose myself watching this one. But I’d never realized just how uncommon they are, nor that they were all built by one man.

A reminder, perhaps appropriate for microblogvember, that even before we all had glowing rectangles to distract us we still found ways to avoid daily writing. From Nick Yablon, Remembrance of Things Present: The Invention of the Time Capsule (2019), p. 139.

Screenshot of excerpt from Yablon, Remebrance of Things Present, 2019

Friday. Week 10, two-thirds of the semester gone. Less and less inclined to lecture. You’d think that would ease prep but not so. I find I have to teach myself the material as if I’m going to lecture, then turn around and ask how I can best help the students learn it.

Time to stop pretending I work better at a desk and just bring a POÄNG to the office.

The night mode feature on the iPhone 11 Pro is seriously impressive. This is a shot of Hawkins Hall taken tonight: Hawkins Hall with iPhone 11 Pro Compare to this one I took with an iPhone XS earlier this year: Hawkins Hall with iPhone XS

My American Revolution course now has a core of committed students. We took a field trip yesterday downtown to the Battle of Plattsburgh commemoration. They’ll write blog posts this weekend and Tuesday we’ll discuss. I suspect the surgeon’s demonstration will be a popular topic.

Amazon’s algorithm now has all it needs to predict my behavior going forward.

Poke-o-Moonshine, Chesterfield, NY. Peanut and I had the mountain to ourselves this morning.

In the space of two days I’ve gone from “potential threat” to “kitty jungle gym.”

With Kohli, Sharma, and Rahul all back in the pavilion, India’s middle order is under pressure in a way it hasn’t been all tournament. 🏏

Last week I bemoaned England’s lack of specialized players. Happy to see Bairstow and Roy proving me wrong when it comes to opening batsmen 🏏

Last month we adopted Mimi after a friend and colleague suddenly passed away. She’s still very shy; this is her favorite observation post.

I know it’s just the song they play during breaks, but I like to imagine that “Sweet Child O’ Mine” really is Babar Azam’s walkout music. 🏏

Up early for England - Australia. Though West Indies became my team, it was listening to BBC Test Match Special coverage of the 2005 Ashes that pulled me into cricket, and I’ll always have a soft spot for England because of it. 🏏